Pantene Hair Girl part 1

Dear Pantene Hair Girl

you have no idea how seeing your face lights up my day
you do strange things that show me we’ll never be together
like how your choice of snack is apples and Vita Brits
Whereas I’m down to one meal a day
And usually it’s microwaved for one

I hope that doesn’t come across wrong
but a pretty face does is light
and it might be mean for me to ask for no more
but I’m not done with my lonely life yet
and it would never work

but it’s like those songs
that say the same thing only better
how you’re so beautiful that it must’ve been the work
of something better
than me

So I’ll keep seeing you
and try to not melt at the knees
as I exchange a casual hello
and hold myself back
from showering you with presents
that implies I promise I wont keep

I’m sorry, but you make me happy
or at least happier
and I’m using you
because you’re beautiful


I remember as a kid when I used to get sick
I got this weird feeling of intertia
Like strong winds closing door after door
Slamming and clanging down

This feeling returned last night, 4am.
I tried to slow my breathing but the rush came
And it’s the scariest feeling, because I feel so helpless
In the end I had to get up and read.