Making kids smile in aisles

I had a wonderful moment walking to work, under umbrellas behind this mother and this little 3 or 4 year old girl. Like a beautiful JD Salinger moment, I was grumpy, wet, cold and she was being held in her mum’s arms, looking back over her shoulders at me. This pure soul with sparkling blue eys and this almost smile. The smile that she was so madly fascinated with the sky today, but wasn’t sure if smiling was allowed on such a dreary day. I smiled at her, and she just lit up. I then stuck my tongue out at her, and she laughed and did the same. It was a pretty cool moment. Made my day til I actually got to work.

At First Sight

For Amanda, to cheer her up

a romantic ramble

At First Sight

As a pop lover, the idea of falling in love (or whatever) at first sight comes up often. And of all the millions of gals who’ve etched an initial or two on me over the years only a handful have been at first sight. You know, the lightning in the head. The bucket of water to the face. The punch in the gut. In fact only twice has this happened to me.

1) 17 and at a party. I never go to parties. It wasn’t even a party for kids from my high school. I was a complete tag along, in a suburb I’ve never been to ever (or since). I remember getting lost and walking around and asking a member of the Whitlams for directions (another stories). And there she was, talking to two other boys, in a badly lit room, full of drunken teenagers hoping to score. And it hit. And I remember thinking “I have to know your name.”

2) Years later and heartbroken and back from being away, bumping into a friend at a venue. And just telling them about another ending and just every so often looking at her friend. Then again. Then again. And she was beautiful. And even though there were other people to talk to that night I just wanted to talk to her. She kinda smiled at me as I was just going on and on to my friend about some romantic garbage. And it all just lifted. And I did manage to talk to her, in between asking everyone else about her. Maybe it was rebound, but the months that followed proved that to be untrue. I didn’t see her for a while but I thought about her every day since that night til we met again.

And I guess neither worked cos I was a bit too knocked out by both of them. You know, that’s the advice girls give me all the time. Play it cool. But I’ve never forgotten the way these two girls looked on those nights, and when I’m lonely old man who has no future to speak of so lives in the past (ie. tomorrow), that memory will help we sleep with a smile on my face.

Fuck you Roberta Flack for making me aware of this feeling.

Let me tell you all about her

Sitting here with the hollow men
Discussing the finer points of things agains
Various lasses over copious glasses
Wearing bewilderment of failed mountain climbers

My poor friends have been through this before
The garish windows, the big red doors
Every sentence has her name
I open my mouth and it’s like torrential rain


Let me tell you all about her
And her blue smile
Let me tell you all about her
As you roll your eyes

Dear Old Crush, I (used to) love you

Dear girl that used to catch the 413 to Campsie with me back in the end of Primary school, I had such a crush on you.

I was like 10, and in love. You would get on the bus a couple of stops before me, every day with a different book. How did you ever read so fast? And we would get off at the same stop, and after a few weeks we used to look at eachother when our stop came up to see who would get to the buzzer first.

And after that we became friends of a sort, and I would walk you home then walk to mine. I met your mum and your sister, and then primary school finished and that was that. I bumped into you a few times after that.

There was one time when I was working at the local record store at the mall, Christmas Eve, and you were my last customer. You just came in, asking for a CD, and I didn’t know what to say. It was a nice little end to a good year.

And you looked great, and I ended up being taller than you which I took as a major victory on my part.

anyway, I love(d) you.


Build a building by the bay
Climb a cliff of coloured caves
Dare to die in damp decay
Fall in fancy footed fate
Grapple with goners green and grey
Hope to heavens to help hold hate
Just a jewel in jester’s jade
Keep a in king kit a kiss okay
Lose a level left of lonely
Make money on Mexican merchants
Now nearer to never notwithstanding
Place passing people in pictures
Queue the queen for questioning
Roast a rabbit in ruins
Signal the soldiers something simple
Teach the timid to tackle terror
Visit various visual vectors
Work well in winter with warriors
Yes to yesterday’s year
Zip the zeigeist at zero zenith

Maybe it’s all maybes

Trembling along like an cup in a quake
I steady myself wth a smile that’s a fake
I’m spinning around like planets in space
Grabbing onto a passing phase

The foundations seem to shudder
No foreman would pass this muster
Seems all I say is filibuster
And my actions lackluster

Shoes seem to be falling off my feet
And made off with what’s left of peace
Light bulbs glow but I can’t see
Anything I can believe

And maybe it’s all maybes
Nothing’s written down and nothing’s as it seems