4. I understand I am just a fan

4. Being There – Wilco

This album could well be my favourite album, and if not that, then one of the most profound and inspiring music that has shaped my life.

The track that is most intrenched in me is The Lonely 1. Sure, might not be the best song on the album, but its’ my song. In it I imagine the spotlight over Jeff Tweedy, or maybe Jay Farrar, maybe Paul Westerberg, maybe Emmylou Harris, maybe Tim Rogers…or maybe myself.

The fantasy of this album is the rock ‘n’ roll dream. It’s so meat and potatoes in some places but it’s so fun. It’s an album of demos essentially, of guys just jamming, singing about touring, playing in a rock band, etc. The title is the key, as it’s taken from the Peter Sellers film about a simple minded gardener who can only talk in gardening terms, but can also impart the greatests truths.

And this album is so fun. Sprawling long double album, one song is on it twice, and you can barely make out a word on Dreamer In My Dreams. What deaf man mixed that track? Does it matter?

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