To Ok

For Vina

Piss on the cliches
Your friends will bring around
as if it were ice cream and DVDs
like “It’s all for a reason”
and “it’s a learning experience”
or “I know how you feel”
Because they really don’t
No one does me included
You’ve just listened to too many
Bedroom acoustic poets
Who’ve put in such great words
The feeling of their own
That may run parrallel
But not in front or behind
But so easily wraps around you
And whatever it is you feel
But don’t take it to your broken heart
Cos in all the ways of history
This event has never happened before
And no rules exist on how you’re to deal with it
So do whatever you feel like
Take the pain like the brave girl you are
I’m sorry for your lost
I’m ears if you need me
But that Jeff Buckley record’s going to kill you
With a hurt that isn’t yours
And no cliches apply here
So you’ll learn whatever you’ll want to learn
And take your own path to OK

I Can’t Be Loved

There’s a world I’m dying to see
So I can’t be loved
No I can’t be loved

I don’t want anyone crying for me
So I can’t be loved
No I can’t be loved
By anyone

I don’t want to turn out like my dad
So I can’t be loved
No I can’t be loved

I’ve played this part before I kow how it ends
So I can’t be loved
No I can’t be loved
By anyone

I’ve been thinking about
Why it didn’t work out
I guess it’s not you it’s me

I’m good for a night
But I’m no good for your life
Come closer and you’ll see

I can’t be loved


This morning I woke up on your good side
I was making good time
I didn’t do anything wrong

Now I turn up and it turns out you hate me
Am I going crazy?
I didn’t do anything wrong

I didn’t do anything

Baby you know I’ve had it
You’re so erratic
I should have paid more attention in mathematics
Cos girl you don’t add up
Girl you don’t add up
Stare at my working out just to try and work you out

So we spend the day not talking
It feels like we’re boxing
With silence and stares

This morning we were doing fine
Now I’ve crossed a line
I didn’t even know was there


I’m beginning to hate you all
And I think I’ve worked out all your rope tricks
And sleights of hand
But your terrible humour and based mentality
Destroys the image of Houdini’s before
And the wonderful circus posters in the 1920s
That part of me wants to collect
You just piss all over it
And you leave a bad taste in my mouth
Like I just watched modern boxing

When I’m lying

I’m just on your bad side
And I’ll never make it back
But look me in the yes
and tell me you don’t see through them
And the person there is someone
You don’t get or understand
That you don’t know when I’m lying
And I’ll tell you it’s over