When the cows come home

At 8 O’clock I join the race
Put on things to obscure my face
The sun is hard and the streets are wet
And I make believe I’m not like the rest

The herd all walk with a shoulder sag
Some have matching laptop bags
I want to keep my milk moustache
To make believe I’m to like them

And if I feel I’m going crazy
Maybe it’s for the best

At 6 O’clock the cows come home
Herd into trains and squeeze our bones
And wait it out til mornings
May the circle remain unbroken

Pantene Hair Girl Again

Dear PHG,

you make me laugh. What do you mean you get lonely? You make no sense. You are Tommy-Lee-invites-you-into-his-limo-gorgeous. You should not be so understanding of my unsocial escapist tendencies. Guys are lining up to treat you just like how beautiful you are.

But yes, lets be friends