My last song

This is the last song I’m ever writing
And it goes like this

I’ve simply lost the feeling
I used to have it
I used to care and want to
Bring something into the world

But nowadays I don’t want anyone
Knowing my name and knowing my thoughts
Let alone my feelings
And my soul is my own
So stop taking photos

And songs have let me down
And my need to contribute to this world
Is gone and dead
And I’m happy to just throw myself in the nearest river

So this is the last song I’m ever writing
And it goes like this
And I will tell lies for the rest of my life.

My friends

I wish I was more like my friend Pete
Who has the best sense of humour
And stands on such solid ground

I wish I was more like my friend Sophie
Who sees the absurdity of the world
And enjoys it with childish delight

No more talking

Look, no more talking, ok?
You don’t have to say anything
And the hardest thing is sitting in silence
But it’s also the best

We sit in awkward poses
Wonder if you know this
Doesn’t matter to anyone
That the universe ignores us

We’re young atheists in love
With nothing to prove
And I can wait til you decide
You’ll let me shield your eyes

1000 days

catching up with a friend over the last 1000 days

Here’s what I remember
What is relevant
What you should know happen since you left
And what is happening now that you’re back:

* In Enmore, on my own
* No, I don’t really see that person anymore.
* I got kind of depressed but I’m okay now
* No I’m not seeing anyone at the moment
* Fucking love the Shins. Have you heard Nada Surf?
* Yeah one album. We’ve started work on another.
* No, last I heard she’s in New York. With that fuckhead of a boyfriend.
* Yes. I don’t get to see her very much. We talk by email a lot.
* No I can’t believe she got married either. What’s Tim like?
* I got the 60GB photo. It’s just over half full.
* Yes, we’re old. Maybe I should settle down. It’s been on my mind.
* Yeah, things are good, really.

Another dream

Dennis Wilson was playing an imaginary song
And like I was lining up in the movie Brazil
I stormed off, sick of the politics
And I walked straight past you but you tried to grab me with both arms
And I pushed you away and left