17 (work in progress)

I was seventeen at the time, and exploding into life.

A few years earlier, I had changed high schools, changed it from the one I shared with my cousin. It seemed like an important, rebellious move at the time, to do what I would later discover was tapped into by Mr Richard Linklater years before me – that “withdrawal in disgust is not the same as apathy.” I hated that school, I still do when I pass it, with it’s archaic customs and misplaced school pride. Private schools, they are like a cult. Let’s call them what they are. Hell, I joined the cadets, everything I stood against, so I could get those great steel capped boots, and really hurt the blind and stupid sheep that were my fellow students. Actually, that’s a bit like a joke Dale told me.

Good or Bad

I’m falling through the walls into a burning heap
I’m sliding down, my timing’s gone, my legs asleep
The wind it blows right in my soul it rains for weeks
Is this a good or bad thing?

This life is long it stretches on the hours drag
I only ever help you when you’re feeling bad
Is this a good or bad thing?

I want to dig my nails into the fairest skins