Last night I dreamed…

Last night I dreamed I was tortured
I couldn’t move as my enemies held me down
And scraped at my skin with stapes
And with clean metal nails they scratched at my skin
Like they were opening a can of soft drink
And I bled and bled and bled


I want to cook for someone, I want to send silly text messages to someone, I want the first thing I see in the morning to be a sleepy face, I want to see a pretty girl wearing one of my jackets, I want to wait on street corners for minutes that seem like hours all excited and nervous then suddenly be casual, I want to be seen through, I want to be breathless…

it must be Monday

Suspicious minds

We can’t go on together…we just fight and fight and we wonder because we can’t read eachother’s minds of myabe language gets in our way but we try so hard and it just doesn’t click anymore and it could be so great but it just isn’t anymore and it’s an honest mistake that we misread into it, like aphasia I had the best intentions but you heard the wrong things, and it could be all my fault or it could be all yours but either way we can’t go on together