14 Strangers on the Seine

Paris Chinstroke 14 Paris Chinstroke 13 Paris Chinstroke 12 Paris Chinstroke 11 Paris Chinstroke 10 Paris Chinstroke 9 Paris Chinstroke 8

Paris Chinstroke 7 Paris Chinstroke 6 Paris Chinstroke 5 Paris Chinstroke 4 Paris Chinstroke 3 Paris Chinstroke 2 Paris Chinstroke 1

So please allow me to be poetic for a second. It is Paris after all.

So somehow we all found ourselves in the same place. 14 solo travellers, no friendship more than a few days old. It was and will be the only night all of us would be together.

And I had a wonderful night. All of us from such different backgrounds and personalities, and each of us looking for the same thing.

It was only day 4 for me on this journey overseas and think you for sharing it with me. Hopefully I’ll see you again…


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