Kim, in her Kim on Tour blog, linked to the right there, had the best headline for Prague. I won’t even try.

Said goodbye to Brussels, which was lovely. I will be back. Spent last night with Katia, and we saw some music at Grand Place, then a french band call Les Fatals Picard.

These last guys were the french eurovision contestants but were actually brilliant. They had a pogues/madness vibe, and weezer called and wanted their guitarist back. Actually, reminded me of Barenaked Ladies too (I like them, fuck off).

Today we tried Little Asia on Goris’ recommendation. I bought Harry Potter one in French in an effort to better myself. It is all good.

Now I’m in the Prague, in the best hostel ever, recommended to me by Dave Keys. I’m in pretty high spirits.

Hope all’s well with you, wherever you are.


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