A Very Belgian Flickr Update, flickr number 5

Now that we caught up on London, finally I can post the some of the hundreds of photos from my recent Europe jaunt. Firstly, Brussels.

Me at Grand Place
Me at Grand Place

Asterix Statue Smurf Statute Smurfs House Smurfs Sketches

Undisputed, surprise highlight was the Comics Museum:
1. Asterix (and Dogmatix! I love Dogmatix)
2. A Smurf statue (Surgeon Smurf?)
3. Fancy shot of a Smurf House, lightly reminiscent of a photo of Elvis Costello I really like. It’s the back of the All This Useless Beauty record, trainspotters.
4. Some of the very first sketches Le Schtroumpf.

Katia at Grand Place

There was a free music festival on at all different sites around the city, and Katia and I enjoyed lots of great music. Katia also did a lovely job translating the French lyrics for me.

The Manneken Pis and Me
A symbol of rebellious spirit, and a shit statue of a boy having a piss.

If I don’t look impressed it’s because I wasn’t. This is the Manneken Pis, a statue of a boy having, well, a piss. It’s supposed to be ironic, and cheeky. It’s a bit bizarre and disturbing. Just like Isabelle’s humour then.

Calvin at Brussels airport

I love random things at the best of times. But to see the head of my favourite comic strip character at the disused children’s play area at Brussels airport takes the cake. What the hell? This is Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. He, and his creator, Bll Watterson, inspired the very first song on the very first album I ever made. He doesn’t license this sort of thing out either, making it an illegal ornament. Makes it even better.

(Yes, it’s just a picture. I’ll get over it)

London (but my heart is in Brussels)


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